About Us

 The Ethiopian Statistical Association (ESA) was established on April 8, 1990, with a core mission to advance the understanding and application of statistics within Ethiopia. At its inception, ESA set out to achieve several key objectives aimed at fostering the widespread use of statistical methods, encouraging research in statistical science, and enhancing statistical education and training. The legal and organizational framework guiding ESA’s activities is delineated in its Constitution, which comprises ten parts containing a total of 25 articles. These articles serve as the guiding principles and operational guidelines for the association’s activities and governance structure.

The Association’s objectives and the structure of its Constitution encompass the following points.

  • Popularizing Statistics: ESA aims to increase the awareness of statistics among the wider community in Ethiopia. This involves promoting the importance of statistical data in decision-making processes across various sectors, including government, academia, business, and civil society.
  • Promoting Modern Statistical Practices: ESA seeks to advance the adoption of contemporary statistical methodologies and techniques within Ethiopia. This includes advocating for the use of innovative statistical tools and methodologies to address emerging challenges and support evidence-based policymaking and research.
  • Research: ESA is committed to fostering a vibrant research environment in statistical science. This involves facilitating collaborative research initiatives, supporting the dissemination of research findings, and encouraging the development of new statistical methodologies tailored to Ethiopia’s unique context and challenges.
  • Training: ESA is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of statisticians and data practitioners through training and professional development programs. This includes organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences aimed at building technical skills, promoting best practices, and nurturing a community of practice within the statistical field.

The Constitution of ESA serves as the foundational document that outlines the association’s governance structure, membership criteria, rights and responsibilities of members, as well as procedural guidelines for decision-making and operational matters. It provides the framework for ensuring transparency, accountability, and democratic governance within the Association for facilitating its effective functioning and fulfilment of its objectives.

By adhering to the principles and provisions outlined in its Constitution, ESA strives to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct in its activities, thereby contributing to the advancement of statistical science and the socio-economic development of Ethiopia.

Presidents of ESA from 1990 – Present

presidents of ESA from 1990 – Present

Dr. Zeytu Gashaw - 2023 - present
Dr. Dejen Tesfaw– 2021 - 2023
Dr. Merga Belina- 2019 – 2021
Dr. Ayele Taye - 2017 - 2018
Dr. Berhanu Teshome– 2015 - 2017
Dr. Shibru Temesgen- 2013 - 2014
Mr. Addisu Fekadu- 2012-2013
Mr. Ayele Menbere– 2009 – 2011
Dr. Fentaw Abegaz- 2009
Dr. Emanuel Gabreyohannes - 2008 – 2009
Mr. Genene Bizuneh – 2005
Mr. Zerihun Tadesse - 2003
Mrs. Martha Sentayehu-2001
Mr. Mekonnen Tadesse-1998 – 1999
Prof. Eshetu Wencheko -1995 –1996
Mr. Workie Mallede
Dr. Butte Gotu
Prof. Sileshi Fanta
Mr. Demelash Megersa
Mr. Legesse Ayane
Mr. Birhane Woldemariam-1991
Prof. Ayenew Ejigou-1990 (The first ESA president )