Both trainings were given to ESA members on a virtual basis continuously; Kobo Toolbox from March 21 – 25, 2023 number of trainees’ equal 44 and from March 27 – April 01, 2023 the total number were 52 by the same trainers as above. Registration fee was each ETB 500 and trainees were certified for accomplishment.

Kobo Toolbox and Power BI training for ESS Staffs

The Ethiopian Statistical Association (ESA) has successfully delivered Kobo Toolbox (Digital Data Collection Tool) and Power BI (Data Visualization Software) for the Ethiopian Statistical Service (ESS) in four rounds from September 18, 2023 to October 13, 2023 targeting senior management, core directorate directors, senior statisticians from head quarter, managers of 25 branch statistical offices and statisticians from 25 branch statistical offices. 

Overall, a total of 140 participants were participated and certified for both Kobo Toolbox and Power BI training. Each group was trained five days of Kobo Toolbox and Power BI. The Kobo Toolbox training was conducted by Dr. Dejen Tesfaw and Mr. Gezahegn Getahun while Dr. Taddesse Kassahun and Dr. Zeytu Gashaw gave Power BI training.