Joint Modeling of Longitudinal International Normalized Ratio and Activated Partial
Thromboplastin Time of Deep Venous Thrombosis Patients at Jimma University Medical Center, Ethiopia

Gezahagn Diriba Tesema , Abdisa Gurmessa and Shiferawu Gezacho Bacha

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Assessment of the Predictors of Under-Five Mortality in the Afar Region using Count Data Regression Models

Mihiret Genene Zewde, Hajera Nuradin Yasin and Buzuneh Tasfa Marine2

Risk Factors for Early Initiation of Sexual Intercourse among Women in Ethiopia: An Application of Bayesian Multilevel Logistic Regression

 Tariku Irana Dinagde, Akalku Banbetaand Reta Habtamu Bacha

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Mortality of Patients with Cardiovascular Disease:
Application of Semi-parametric PH, Parametric PH and AFT Models

Ashefet Agete Mengste

Joint Analysis of CD4 Cell Counts and Time-to-Viral-Rebound of HIV-Infected Patients Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy at Jimma University Medical Center

Delelegn Lambamo, Abdisa Gurmessa, Kibrealem Sisay, Meskerem Getachew


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