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The annual conference of ESA
Participants' Photo (Partial)






The Ethiopian Statistical Association (ESA) is a legally registered national, autonomous, a non-profit making and voluntary professional organization.

The Ethiopian Statistical Association was founded on April 8, 1990 with the primary objective of popularizing statistics and promoting modern statistical practices, research and training. The legal as well as organizational foundation of the Association emanates from its Constitution. The Constitution of ESA is organized under ten parts, which constitute a total of 25 Articles. 

Since its establishment, the Ethiopian Statistical Association (ESA) has produced several volumes of journals (publishing various research articles).

JESA is the journal of the Ethiopian Statistical Association. It was published for the first time in June 1991 and for the 17th time in November 2008. Its objective is to publish scientific papers arising from statistical research which bears on the Ethiopian experience and research in statistical science, and thereby to provide a medium for the exchange of knowledge and experience in statistical practice, research and statistical education.

ESA has also a newsletter published by the editorial committee three times a year. Its objectives are to make announcements of call for papers, conferences, etc., and publish information that enhance the statistical knowledge of the society, and to exchange scientific information.


The mission of ESA is to encourage and promote the development of statistical theory and applications so as to further enhance quality of teaching, research and professional practice in Ethiopia.


The 24th annual conference of ESA Participants Photo (Partial)

The 24th annual conference of ESA (During Researchers Presentation)

The 24th annual conference of ESA Participants and Guests Photo (Partial)

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