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Ethiopian Statistical Association Supporting International Year of Statistics 2013

Instituitional Members of ESA

  1. Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce
  2. Addis Ababa University
  3. African Association of Science
  4. Arbaminch University
  5. Bahir Dar University
  6. Central Statistical Agency
  7. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Marketing and Corporate Planning Division
  8. Development Bank of Ethiopia, Statistics Division
  9. Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce
  10. Ethiopian Air Lines
  11. Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute
  12. Ethiopian Insurance Corporation
  13. Ethio Telecom
  14. Ethiopian Livestock Research Institute
  15. Ethiopian Domestic Distribution Corporation
  16. Ethiopian Import - Export Corporation
  17. Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI)
  18. Haromaya University
  19. International Statistical Institute
  20. Jimma University
  21. Mekele University
  22. Ministry of Agriculture, Planning Department
  23. Ministry of Education
  24. Ministry of Science and Technology
  25. National Bank of Ethiopia, Economic Research Department
  26. National Committee on Traditional Practices in Ethiopia
  27. Oromia Region, Population Office
  28. Save the Children Federation (USA).
  29. Statistical Society of Ethiopians in North America (SSENA)
  30. United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
  31. University of Gondor
  32. World Vision, Ethiopia


Sponsors of
the 21st Annual ESA ConferenceSponsors of
the 20th Annual ESA Conference

The 20th annual conference of ESA
(Participants' Photos at the ECA Hall)
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